The NPC Photo Awards competition accepts entries from photography professionals whose primary focus is family photography. When you register and enter the NPC Photo Awards contest, you acknowledge and accept the following rules and regulations.


1. Entry Restrictions

To participate in the NPC Photo Awards, you must be 18 years of age or older. You may not enter if you are an employee of NPC Photo Awards or any company that sponsors the competition by donating cash or prizes. Official judges are not eligible to enter the competition.

2. Agreements

When you register and/or enter the NPC Photo Awards contest, you agree that:

  • NPC has the right, at our sole discretion, to publish any material that you submit to the contest, post, email, upload or otherwise provide to us.
  • NPC is entitled to edit your submitted material before publishing it.
  • You agree that we and our media partners may use any and all images you submit solely for promoting the competition.
  • By entering the NPC Photo Awards, you are granting us an irrevocable, non-exclusive license to publish your entry in any and all media worldwide for any use related to the NPC Photo Awards contest.
  • If your entry should win an award in the competition, you agree that we may publish it online on our website,

3. Rules and Conditions

You must submit your entry online at

  • Please follow the posted instructions carefully.
  • Note that we do not accept prints.
  • You may enter as many individual images as you wish.
  • You may submit a photo of any age; we do not impose date or time restrictions.
  • You may enter photos that are currently entered in other competitions.
  • You may enter photographs that have already won prizes in other competitions.
  • You may enter a single photo in as many categories as you choose.
  • Once you have paid the entry fee, you may not make any changes to the image.
  • Your entry must be your original work and must not infringe on the rights of anyone else.
  • You must solely own the copyright to the image(s) you enter in the contest.
  • Any people pictured in your photo entry must provide permission for you to use it as a contest submission.
  • If any featured subjects are under 16 years of age, you must have the permission of a parent or guardian.
  • You may only submit lawfully obtained photos that comply with applicable laws.

4. Award Categories and Fees

The NCP Photo Awards are divided into six categories:

  • Maternity (Studio, Outdoors, Nude)
  • Newborn (Up to six weeks old, posed or unposed, Newborn is single subject)
  • Parents (Newborn with parents, posed or unposed, Hands allowed)
  • Siblings (Newborn with siblings, posed, unposed)
  • Sitters (Up to one year old, Posed or unposed, Sitter is single subject)
  • Children (Up to sixteen years old, Fine Art, Fashion, Contemporary, Studio, Outdoors)
Submissions Fee is $25 / Image

5. File Specifications for Submissions

When you prepare your electronic entry please make sure it meets the following formatting specifications:

  • It must be in an sRGB or Adobe98 color space, 8-bit format.
  • It must measure 2048 pixels on the longest side.
  • It must be in JPEG file format with maximum resolution.
  • It cannot bear a watermark or signature.

6. Requirements for Winning Entries

  • If your photograph is chosen as a winner, you must have the opportunity to provide us with a quality, high-resolution digital image in a minimum width of 2500px and a minimum of 300dpi as proof of ownership.
  • We must disqualify those winners who fail to meet this requirement. We do not address appeals.
  • We publish all winners’ names and images online.

7. About Copyrights and Rights of Use

As the photographer, you retain your copyright to your contest entries at all times.

If you win an award, we ask that you grant us cost-free, non-exclusive, unlimited use of your NPC Photo award-winning images, in high-resolution format, for marketing purposes in social media, online and in print exclusively to promote your work and our contest activities.

As the copyright owner of your award-winning photograph(s), you agree that we may publish your low-resolution images on our website at no cost to us.

We will use your images only for promotional purposes directly related to the NPC Photo Awards contest and your work.

  • We will never resell your images or allow access to them by a third party. Should we receive a request from a third party to use your photograph(s), we will forward that request directly to you via email.
  • As an award winner, you agree that we may post your winning entry on the official NPC Photo Contest Awards’ Facebook and Instagram accounts to promote our competition.
  • As an NPC Photo Awards winner, you agree to participate in contest promotions. You grant us permission to use your name and your winning photographs to advertise and publicize the NPC contest and our organization without additional remuneration.
  • NPC Photo Awards and our media partners will not be held responsible or liable for misuse of your materials by unauthorized third parties.
  • We will credit you as the photographer each time we use your images.

8. Prizes

Winners in both our official awards categories will each receive a badge and a certificate. We provide these via email only. We are unable to offer alternative delivery.

Some winners will receive vouchers and/or prizes from our sponsors and partners, if available.

As an award winner, you must have the ability to submit a digital file of your winning entry in a high-resolution format (minimum 2500px wide, 300 dpi) for publication in the NPC Photo Awards Years Book. We must receive your high-resolution file meeting our minimum requirements by the stated deadline. Otherwise, it will not appear in the publication.

Note: If we have not reached out to you to request a high-resolution file, your image will not appear in the publication.

9. Our Judges

A panel of nominated judges reviews entries and selects winning images for the official NPC Photo Awards contest. They evaluate entries on the basis of originality, artistic merit, subject(s) and individual style. The decisions of our judges are final.

10. Your Personal Data

We treat your personal data with care, and we are committed to protecting it from unauthorized use. You will always have access to and control over your own information, whether you wish to edit it or delete it.

You have the ability to unsubscribe from our mailing list at your discretion. Simply click the unsubscribe link that we provide at the bottom of each email.

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