Most frequent questions and answers

First register and sign up for your free NPC account. Please check your email account and click on the confirmation link we sent you after you registered with us. Now that you have created a user acount, you are a part of a large Newborn Photographer Community. After your first login you will be redirected to your personal NPC profile and you can start filling out your profile.

Please upload a profile photo and a cover photo to your personal user profile. Don’t forget to write a little bit about yourself (who you are, what you do, what you specialize in, where you come from). We have added a small progress indicator in the left corner of your user profile, so you can see exactly what you have to edit in your profile. This progress bar disappears as soon as you have completed all tasks. Now you are well prepared and you can start to explore our community. You can now connect with other members of the community, write messages to them, leave comments on their profiles and discover. You can upload pictures in your own timeline or profile and use your profile like any other social network. We upload your submissions, your awards and certificates into your profile. You have everything in view and can download your pictures, awards, badges and certificates directly from your profile and use them for your marketing.

You can now submit your pictures to the contest. You do not need to categorize your pictures, we will do that for you and arrange your pictures internally. Please note that we offer the following categories for your submissions:

  • Maternity (Studio, Outdoors, Nude)
  • Newborn (Up to six weeks old, posed or unposed, Newborn is single subject)
  • Parents (Newborn with parents, posed or unposed, Hands allowed)
  • Siblings (Newborn with siblings, posed, unposed)
  • Sitters (Up to one year old, Posed or unposed, Sitter is single subject)
  • Children (Up to sixteen years old, Fine Art, Fashion, Contemporary, Studio, Outdoors)

The Submissions Fee is $25 / Image. You can upload up to 5 images per submission at the same time.

When you prepare your electronic entry please make sure it meets the following formatting specifications:

  • It must be in an sRGB or Adobe98 color space, 8-bit format.
  • It must measure 2048 pixels on the longest side.
  • It must be in JPEG file format with maximum resolution.
  • It cannot bear a watermark or signature.

After you have uploaded your pictures to us, you will see a window with a call for payment with Paypal. Please make your payment, after that you will receive confirmation emails from us, please check them and make sure they are correct. As soon as we have received your payment we will check your submissions and confirm this again by email. 

Directly after you have uploaded and paid for your pictures they will appear in your profile under the tab “My Contest Submissions”.

After the submission period is over, your pictures will be submitted to the current jury for review. The jury will evaluate your pictures according to the following criteria:

  • Light
  • Pose
  • Materials & Colours
  • Idea & Creativity
  • Originality

The jury evaluates your pictures according to the above mentioned criteria by awarding 1-10 points, where 1 point is very bad and 10 points is excellent. From all the points awarded by the individual jury members, the final value is automatically calculated for each picture submitted, which results in the final score for your picture. Based on the final score, which was determined by the jury, your picture will receive the corresponding badge. 

Immediately after the jury has finished voting and judging, we will give your pictures the appropriate badge and upload your pictures to your profile and they will appear in your “My Awards” tab.

With our official NPC badges we reward your work and pictures. After the jury judging we will download your pictures and provide them with the corresponding badge which was assigned to you by the jury. You can find out more about our NPC badges and the corresponding description and points on our homepage. After we have awarded your pictures with the badges, we load them directly into your profile. You can then find your pictures under the Photos tab in the album “My Awards”. You can then copy the pictures from your profile, download them and use them for your website, your portfolio or Facebook for your marketing. Be proud and show the world what you can achieve. You are now an award winning photographer.

IMPORTANT: Each of the NPC badges has its own value. Each badge brings individual NPC MEMBER LEVEL POINTS directly into your member area and your personal profile. These MEMBER LEVEL POINTS are important and you should get as many of them as possible to climb up the rankings and earn many great and rewarding advantages and benefits.

There are 8 NPC MEMBER LEVELS. You receive member level points by winning the contest and collecting the assigned badges. The more badges you earn, the higher you climb in the NPC MEMBER LEVEL ranking. The  value of your NPC MEMBER LEVEL determines the benefits you receive as a member. Every time you reach a new member level, an original certificate will be assigned & issued to you. Your NPC MEMBER LEVEL is determined by the number and value of the badges awarded and is automatically credited and displayed in your member profile.

Advantages & Benefits of the Member Levels:

  • Receive your personalized, OFFICIAL NPC MEMBER CERTIFICATE. (ALL membership level starting from CONTENDER LEVEL are issued a new certificate)
  • See your BRONZE, SILVER, GOLD & PLATINUM assigned award-winning pictures published in the OFFICIAL NPC EPIC MEMBERS YEARBOOK (only members with STAR, FAME, CULT & EPIC MEMBER LEVEL).
  • Receive your personalized, OFFICIAL WINNER PICTURE AWARD POSTERS (only members with FAME, CULT & EPIC MEMBER LEVEL).
  • Have your PLATINUM award-winning images exhibited in an international Art Gallery in Paris, New York, Los Angeles, Berlin, or Munich (only members with CULT & EPIC MEMBER LEVEL).

You can read and find out more about the different member level on our homepage.

These very special and beautiful special award posters are only awarded by the NPC for really special, unique and outstanding work to NPC members at the Star Member level. In each round there are only 10 individual and exclusive award posters.  

After each round the jury and the chairman decide which photographer with the most beautiful work will receive one of these 10 very special award posters. Our big goal is to reward and acknowledge our members for their great and wonderful work. We want to motivate, support, drive and advance them. The special prize posters are a very special form of recognition, and we want to inspire and inspire our members to be more creative and to inspire and enthuse.